Perspectives on strategy- Porter vs Mintzberg through videos clips

McGill Professor Karl Moore wrote an excellent article in Forbes a few weeks ago titled: Porter or Mintzberg, whose view of strategy is most relevant today?

Michael Porter tends to favor a more prescriptive model where the assumption is that you can study the different market forces and “deliberately choose a different set of activities to deliver a unique mix of value”. Henry Mintzberg’s classic 1987 HBR article “Crafting strategy” favours a more organic strategy development process, where periods of stability are interrupted occasionally by periods of transformation.

In recent years they have both dedicated a large amount of time to addressing the social needs of society- healthcare, poverty, education…  Porter created a body of knowledge to help fix the healthcare system and recently introduced the “Creating Shared Value” concept. It suggests a major left-turn in the right direction for corporation… It invites business to measure success beyond profit and embed social responsibility in their strategies and operations.

Mintzberg has put together an impressive  International  Masters for Health Leadership program and helped humanitarian organizations like the Red Cross develop leaders and craft strategic plans.

The following are a few short video clips for those of you who wish to compare the styles and the evolving positions of Porter and Mintzberg.


On Strategy: Here Porter defines his view of strategy in a short 1 min. clip. Notice the energy in the delivery, the emphasis on the planning process.

On Creating Shared Value: Very interesting clip where Porter, in 5 minutes, shares how forces are converging to redefine the role of business beyond profit maximization.


On strategy: Again, a 1 minute clip. This time notice the very different style and the direct attack on Porter…

On Entrepreneurship: In this recent interview with Karl Moore, Mintzberg talks about his experiment in starting a family business. An intimate glance at his attempt to walk the talk and develop a business in small organic steps.

So…Porter or Mintzberg? Why not both!


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